Introducing Chris Stoikos, Chief Creative Officer

Introducing Chris Stoikos, Chief Creative Officer

Join us in welcoming Chris Stoikos into the Hardworking Gentlemen family as our newly appointed Chief Creative Officer (CCO). We are so thrilled to have Chris onboard and cannot wait to share with you all the exciting things he’s been working on - trust us, you’ll want to follow along.


You might be saying, “Hold on…that beard looks familiar. Where do I know him from?” Chris is well known for his viral videos with his previous businesses (including The Dollar Beard Club and Coolbox). But that was 6 years ago, what has he been up to since then?


Chris has been in a form of hibernation, you could say. Stepping away from business and taking time to rest and pursue passions, he went “off-the-grid” and we haven’t seen or heard much from him since the successful exit of his previous ventures in 2016. Luckily for us, he’s recently reemerged with a passion and alignment for the Hardworking Gentlemen mission.



“I’ve taken the past few years for self-reflection and during that time, my values shifted,” said Stokos. “I knew in my next venture I wanted to channel the energy and success of my personal realignment into inspiring other men to continue evolving. The Hardworking Gentlemen brand aligns perfectly with this ethos - a ‘hardworking gentleman’ is conscious, considerate, makes smart decisions and takes care of himself and others. I want to put those messages out into the world in a way that entertains, inspires and educates.” 


With Chris onboard, we are more committed than ever to creating a brand that promotes and celebrates self-care, mindfulness, transparency and positive living. 


“We’re thrilled to have Chris join the ranks of Hardworking Gentlemen, and We’re ready to reshape the concept of the ‘hardworking gentleman’,” said founder Reid Ryan. “Together, we aim to champion a new era of modern masculinity through self care - inspiring men to work hard, find their purpose and be proud of who they are and what they’re doing.”


As we enter into this new era, Hardworking Gentlemen will continue to create high quality products that focus on making you look and feel good and reducing our impact on the planet. We are excited for this journey and what is to come and having you all join us. Here’s to a new chapter and rise of the hardworking gentlemen, cheers!

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